SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

www solidcam com 13 Recognition + Protection Taking into account the Stock/Updated Stock and Target models, iMachining 2D automatically: ù Detects and avoids part features that create undercut areas ù Detects and extends stock material in open pocket areas ù Detects rest material at every stage of the machining process ù Protects the solid geometries against cutting tool collisions Dynamic Display of Depths and iMachining Region iMachining generates and displays a preview of the machinable regions and their levels The machining geometry can have varying depths and its preview is dynamically updated on job editing, all of which can be visualized in the SOLIDWORKS Graphics Area Ɓ We discovered that SolidCAM reduced our NC programming time by half On our previous CAD/CAM system, we had to substantially edit G-codes to make the program operate Now, with SolidCAM, the post processor produces perfect NC-code, making it far simpler and quicker to produce a new CAM program" Bob Luck, Alcon Components Ltd Ɓ We have found all the claims for iMachining to hold true for our applications in Dixons Surgical – incredible tool life, faster cycles, lighter cutting loads reducing vibration in poor work holding situations (mill-turn), and protection of small diameter cutters The user interface is very clear and simple, and programming iMachining is faster than traditional strategies" Jay Dixon, Dixons Surgical Instruments iMachining's Faces Recognition: Features that make undercut areas are handled with ease SolidCAM – The Future of CAM