SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

www solidcam com 21 Advanced Gouge Control for Holder, Arbor and Tool Complete collision control is available for Holder, Arbor and Tool Adjoining Check surfaces that are to be avoided can be selected Several retract strategies are available under full user control Important Module for Every Machine Shop The advantages of SolidCAM's HSS module translate into significantly increased surface quality The HSS module is an important and valuable add-on for every machine shop for the machining of all types of parts Advanced Linking Total freedom to control tool entry and tool exit motion, no surface modifications needed Toolpaths can be extended or trimmed, gaps and holes can be jumped and you can choose from multiple lead-in/lead-out options Handling Undercut in HSS Use Tapered, Lollipop, or T-Slot tools for undercuts or geometry that is difficult to cut Linear High Speed Finishing toolpath on selected surface SolidCAM – The Solid Platform for Manufacturing