SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

www solidcam com 23 functions, SolidCAM’s post processors are built to utilize these internal CNC functions If your machine lacks such functions, you can input the part location within SolidCAM and the G-code will automatically handle all of the transformations for each rotation Our approach to indexial milling is straightforward: from software to G-code we make the process for indexial milling as seamless as single-sided milling No specialized functions or software tricks are required to machine multi-sided parts – it just works! Efficient, Edit-Free G-Code for Multi-Axis Machines SolidCAM offers multiple options to get efficient G-code for multi-axis machines SolidCAM‘s post processor can be configured to handle all rotations and work offset shifts, eliminating the need for setting up multiple work offsets at the machine Whether your controller can calculate part rotations internally or it needs the post processor to handle rotations, SolidCAM has you covered For controllers with advanced plane rotation or coordinate rotation SolidCAM – The Future of CAM