SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

www solidcam com 25 SolidCAM's HSM module features several enhancements to CAM technology that make high speed operations possible, eg avoiding sharp angles in the toolpath and generating smooth and tangential lead-ins and lead-outs ù Tool stays in contact with the material as much as possible, reducing non-machining moves ù Working area can be precisely controlled using a comprehensive set of options, including silhouette boundaries, cutter contact area boundaries, shallow area boundaries, rest area boundaries ù HSR/HSM toolpaths can be edited after toolpath creation using working areas, Z-level limits or a combination of both to control cutting moves or to exclude specific areas from machining 3D Machining to the Highest Level SolidCAM's HSM module is a powerful solution for all users who demand advanced High-Speed Machining capabilities It can also be used to improve the productivity of older CNCs with reduced air cutting and smoothing arcs thus maintaining continuous tool motion Let us show you how HSM takes 3D Machining performance to the highest level – all with your current machines SolidCAM – The Solid Platform for Manufacturing