SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

www solidcam com 27 Geodesic Machining SolidCAM’s Geodesic Machining enables machining of complex 3D Shapes (Solid Model & Surface Groups) with a tool path that has constant stepover and undercut areas The module generates a pattern of tool path with measurable constant step over The stepover remains constant even on steep and shallow walls as it machines different surfaces or an entire model SolidCAM uses a global distance field without a fixed direction Generally, a stepover is calculated with reference to a vector direction, but in Geodesic Machining global distance and a stepover, without a fixed direction, are used Various toolpath patterns available Constant 3D distance between consequent cuts Works effectively even in undercut situations One entry and exit move only Excellent surface finish of 0.4 µm with SolidCAM HSM strategies SolidCAM – THE FUTURE OF CAM