SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

"Without SolidCAM and our amazing iMachining, you loose money - every single day" www solidcam com 3 ù Program smarter – machine faster ù The most intuitive user interface in CAM ù Seamlessly integrated and fully associative to SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge and Inventor ù Unique and revolutionary iMachining 2D/3D technology ù Complete milling solution from 2,5D Milling, to 3D Milling and up to Sim5X ù Mill-Turn up to highly complex multichannel machines, including Swiss-Type ù Certified postprocessors for all CNC machines and brands in the market Dear CNC Machine Shop and Manufacturing Managers, Modern manufacturing relies on powerful and versatile CNC machines All of your CNCs make up the backbone of your production and your profits – but how are you going to leverage them in the best possible way? How will you program all your CNC-machines – current and new, standard to complex, no matter what controller – with one single CAM-solution? We are confident that you want your CNCs to machine with maximum performance, cutting the maximum number of parts, in the shortest possible time, with lowest cutting tool cost, and with minimal wear on your CNCs SolidCAM’s amazing and patented iMachining provides optimal toolpaths, most efficient feeds and speeds generated automatically by our unique Technology Wizard, will enable you to achieve amazing savings in cycle time and tool life! To increase your productity, you are introducing today to your manufacturing those complex Multi-channel MillTurn and Swiss CNCs SolidCAM provides you with the absolute best CAM Solution for easy programming of these complex CNCs Interested? Read on and we will tell you how! Dr. Emil Somekh with SolidCAM Team at Customer BAK Kohler Dr Emil Somekh Founder and CEO of SolidCAM