SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

www solidcam com 39 SolidCAM supports three different superimposition modes. A pair of axes can be superimposed one to another, where the slave one follows the master one. For applicable Mill-Turn machines, SolidCAM will automatically detect this mode. Reduce machining time by sharing axes and drive units. Synchronize your milling/turning operations, on different turrets, on the same table device, under specific conditions. The Channel Synchronization's clash engine displays any issue with logical comments. The intelligent system holds the logic and checks the possibilities of the synchronization taking into account the complete machine kinematics. SolidCAM always keeps the stock updated live, within the operations tree, to optimize the tool-path, avoid air-cutting and to achieve minimal cycle time When the workpiece is transferred from the main to the sub-spindle, the updated stock model is also transferred to the new position Any subsequent machining on the sub-spindle will detect the stock in the state that it left the main spindle, ultimately providing the most efficient machining CITIZEN L20E-M12 SWISS-TYPE MACHINE Advanced Rest Material Handling SolidCAM – The Solid Platform for Manufacturing