SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

SolidCAM – Overview 42 O0001 ( MAZAK_I400S ) (INTEGREX-i - 400 S) (part : MAZAK_I400S) (created : 9-MAY-2019 ) #800=-4587 (Work-Offset G54 - Z1) #801=0 (Work-Offset G54 - C1) (----------------------------) G21 M901 G92 S2000 R1 G92 S2000 R2 G90 G0 G53 G0 X0 Y0 G90 G0 G53 G0 Z0 M108 G90 G53 G0 B0 M107 G10 L2 P1 X-490 Z#800 C#801 G10 L2 P2 X-490 Z#802 U#803 M902 M312 M302 M1 N1 T00101 M6 M901 M200 M108 G90 G53 G0 B90 M107 O0010(L32-1M12) $1 (PROGRAMM-NR : DCL32-L32-1M12) (DATE: 9-MAY-2019) G50 Z[#141-#142] M52 M6 M9 M346 G0 X[#814+#815] Z-0 05 M51 G600 !2L110 (JOB-NR 2) (MS-FACE) T0202 Z-0 0867 (OD TURNING) G18 G50 S1500 G96 M3 S300 M97 G0 G99 X1436 Z-0 0867 Z0 G1 X-0 0315 F0 003 Z-0 08 G0 X14359 G97 M96 (JOB-NR 3) (MS-OD) G50 S4000 Mitsubishi / Fanuc G-Code Output %_N_TR_PROFIL3_Kanal1_MPF ;$PATH=/_N_WKS_DIR/_N_SOLIDCAM2018_ RADNABE_NTX1_WPD N1 CHANDATA(1) ; ---------- KANAL: 1 --------------- ;SOLIDCAM : 99748 PP:Rev3 6 ;ERSTELLT : 9-MAY-2019 - 19:56:41 ;MASCHINE : NTX 1000 ;WERKSTUECK: SOLIDCAM2018_RADNABE_NTX1000 ; ----------------------------------- N2 WAITM(1,1,2) R10=0 R11=0 R12=298 565 ;G54 X Y Z R20=0 R21=0 R22=603919 ;G55 X Y Z R29=0 ;G55 $P_UIFR[1]=CTRANS(X,R10,Y,R11,Z,R12,C4,0,C3,0) ;G54 $P_UIFR[2]=CTRANS(X,R20,Y,R21,Z,R22R29,C4,0,C3,0) ;G55 N3 WORKPIECE(,,,"CYLINDER",192,2 5,-150,-230,110) ;GOTOF ABDA GROUP_BEGIN(0,"1: Programmkopf",0,0) N4 WAITM(2,1,2) N5 TRANS N6 ROT N7 DIAMOF N8 GETD(Z3) N9 GETD(B3) N10 G00 SUPA X330 D0 N11 G00 SUPA Z400 Y0 B1=90 N12 WAITM(3,1,2) N13 NP_B3_VAR(0,870) GROUP_END(0,0) N14 WAITM(4,1,2) N1 WAITM(5,1,2) N1 WAITM(6,1,2) Mazak ISO Output DMG Output Post-Processors: Well structured. Verified. Trustful. SolidCAM open-source post-processors are written in SolidCAM's GPPL (an internal language of SolidCAM for writing post-processors) and support defining output for any G-code format or structure for specific NC control unit With no manual editing needed, generated G-code can be sent straight to the CNC machine Dedicated PostProcessor Team Post-processors are defined by a dedicated development team of post writers, all with a strong background in programming and practical machining The Post-Processor Team takes care of customizing the G-Code output to the needs and requirements of your specific controller and CNC machine Worldwide Post-Processor Team STAR SR 38 TYPE-B SLIDING HEAD STOCK MACHINE MILL-TURN | SWISS-TYPE