SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

SolidCAM – Overview 44 SolidCAM ToolKit: New. Advanced. Complete. SolidCAM’s New Tool Table feature, named ToolKit, is a powerful new system that facilitates better tool management and provides major enhancements in Tool definition functionality SolidCAM ToolKit offers three Tool Library types, each having a graduated level of tool managing capabilities: ù Tool Components Library ù Tool Assemblies Library ù Machine Tool Setup Library ToolKit Highlights ù Import any 3D model Milling/Turning/ Fixture component ù Angular holders supported ù Cutting conditions according to workpiece material: the cutter material, work material, and machining level selection affects the maximum cutting speed adjustments generated by the iMachining Technology Wizard ù Swapping between metric and inch parameter units was never easier ù Multiple cutting points: pre-define any number of cutting points (tool offsets) on a single cutter component SolidCAM TOOLKIT