SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

SolidCAM – Overview 52 Designed with the modern machine shop in mind, the Shop System™ is built to introduce high quality binder jetting seamlessly into your workflow Produce parts with superior surface finish and resolution versus laser-based 3D printing systems at a fraction of the cost Shop System 3D printing on the manufacturing floor: volume production with no tooling! ù High resolution printhead for superior surface finish, bleed control and rich feature detail at high speed ù Unparalleled productivity – up to 70 kg of metal parts/day ù No tooling required ù Simplified post-processing Rapid production of strong, fully isotropic hard plastic end-use parts The ETEC Envision One features patented CDLM (continuous digital light manufacturing) technology, which provides the ability for continuous printing With little to no delay between layers, the Envision One delivers exceptional speed, print resolution, surface finish, and part properties The Envision One leverages long-chain polymer chemistry to produce strong, stable parts The result is isotropic parts suitable for end-use applications and capable of standing up to the most demanding conditions Envision One Print technology Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing (CDLM) Build envelope (L × W × H) 180 × 101 × 330 mm (709 × 398 × 13 in) XY resolution 60 μm (with patented pixel tuning) Z resolution 50–150 μm (material dependent) ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING