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The CAM Leaders in programming advanced Multi-Channel Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type CNC-Machines

DMG MORI SEIKI NTX 1000 MACHINING CENTER CNC-MASTERCLASS: ADVANCED MILL-TURN ADVANCED MILL-TURN ] Modern Multi-Axis Machining centers and SwissType machines are designed to combine as many milling and turning operations as possible to manufacture workpieces at maximum productivity. ] Manual CNC programming of sophisticated parts on complex machines, directly at the machine controller is – if at all humanly possible – unproductive, error-prone and expensive. YOUR MANUFACTURING NEEDS SolidCAM MILL-TURN DELIVERS Efficient CNC-Programming Max. Capacity Utilization Short Cycle Times Fast Turnaround Time Safe Processes High Flexibility Fast and Easy Programming High Functionality Full Tool-Path Control Advanced Collision Checking Visual Prove-Out Reliable G-Code SolidCAM Advanced Mill-Turn 2

MAZAK i400S MACHINING CENTER Best-in-class, complete CAM-Solution seamlessly integrated in SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor Optimize operations in Channel Synchronization Manager for Minimal Cycle Time Supports the most advanced Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type Machines on the Market Reliable G-Code Generation supporting advanced Machine Control Cycles and advanced Output Structure Easy-To-Use and Fast Programming within modern Interface for Maximum Productivity Advanced Collision Control and Simulation showing complete Machine Kinematics and ToolPath Verification FACE THE CHALLENGE. NOW. cogs sync toolsuser-clock 3

HAAS ST-30 MACHINING CENTER INTEGRATED. EASY TO USE. COMPLETE. TURNING OPERATIONS MILLING OPERATIONS MILL-TURN Within the SolidCAM user interface, seamlessly integrated into your SOLIDWORKS or Autodesk Inventor CAD, you program milling and turning operations on main and back spindles, control turrets, tailstocks, steady rests and linear tool carriers. Milling operations include the unique and patented iMachining technology available only from SolidCAM. Manual Face Grooving Drilling Turning Threading Angled Grooving Balanced Roughing Trochoidal Turning Translated Surface 3D iMachining HSR / HSM / HSS Engraving Sim. 5X Blade Machining Screw Machining Rotary Machining Multiaxis Drilling 2D iMachining Face Pocket Drill Profile Contour 3D Slot / T-Slot Threading Multi-Depth Drilling ... and many more! SolidCAM Advanced Mill-Turn 4

VISUAL CONTROL. FAST PROGRAMMING. ADVANCED REST MATERIAL HANDLING Tool library management made easy: the interactive Toolmounting assistant for the creation of new tools shows all other tools on the turret, the preview of the machine, the position of the axes and their direction of rotation. QUICKTECH T8HY MACHINING CENTER SolidCAM always keeps the stock updated live, within the operations tree, to optimize the tool-path, avoid air-cutting and to achieve minimal cycle time. When the workpiece is transferred from the main to the sub-spindle, the updated stock model is transferred with it. Any subsequent machining on the sub-spindle will detect the stock in the state that it left the main spindle, ultimately providing the most efficient machining. Tool Mounting Assistant 5

SPEED UP YOUR COMPLEX CNC-MACHINES MILL-TURN | SWISS-TYPE STAR SR 38 TYPE-B SLIDING HEAD STOCK MACHINE SolidCAM's Advanced Machine Simulation shows the complete kinematics and all machine elements, providing full tool-path simulation and verification for all your machining operations. SolidCAM supports the most complex CNCs with unlimited number of axes and channels. We are constantly adding Millturn and Swiss-Type machines with various configurations to our machine tool database. Chiron FZ08MT QuickTech S32 in Advanced Machine Simulation Mazak Integrex i-400S Doosan SMX2600SX Tsugami B0326E-II Citizen D25 Swiss ST 28 STAR SB20-R type G INDEX G200 SolidCAM Advanced Mill-Turn 6

SHORT CYCLE TIMES. MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY. SolidCAM handles three different superimposition modes. A pair of axes can be superimposed one to another, where the slave one follows the master one. For applicable Mill-Turn machines, SolidCAM will automatically detect this mode. Reduce machining time by sharing axes and drive units. Synchronize two turning operations on different turrets at the same time and under specific conditions use the same spindle or synchronize two milling operations on different turrets on the same rotary axis. The Channel Synchronization's clash engine displays any issue with logical comments. The intelligent system holds the logic and checks the possibilities of the synchronization taking into an account the machine kinematics. CITIZEN L20E SWISS-TYPE MACHINE Our easy-to-use Channel Synchronization Manager guides you through the order of operations, shows clashes and assist you to avoid them. It is perfect for synchronizing and optimizing all your machining operations for maximum production output. SolidCAM can control unlimited number of channels and supports any amount of machine functions and cutting modes. 7

MACHINE CONTROL OPERATIONS: MCO MILL-TURN | SWISS-TYPE QUICKTECH T8HY MACHINING CENTER With MCOs you can define the machine actions besides of machining operations, such as: ] Change tool ] Move machine components ] Transfer stock ] Clamp/unclamp fixture ] Program barfeeder ] Control coolants ] Machine mode ] Axes and phase synchronization ] Output any G/M command PART TRANSFER BETWEEN SPINDLES Control the transfer of parts between the main and sub-spindle, using Machine Control Operations. Ready made MCOs provide the best solution for this process. SolidCAM Advanced Mill-Turn 8

ADVANCED MACHINE SIMULATION STAR SR38-type B machine simulation in multiple viewports mode CITIZEN L20E SWISS-TYPE MACHINE The full machine simulation package can verify and simulate all turning, milling and MCO operations of the actual machine. It provides full collision detection between machine components, workpiece, fixtures, tools and holders. Visually prove-out the tool-path of your program before physically machining the part and maximize your productivity. Cycle time estimate displayed in simulation Collision detection Part transfer: simulating the cut-off process 9

G-CODE POSTPROCESSORS: SIMPLY WOW! MILL-TURN | SWISS-TYPE The VMID (Virtual Machine ID) is part of the Post-Processor file and defines the kinematic structure and the controller G-code output options for your CNC-machine. Using the definitions from the VMID, the customizable GPP (General Post-Processor), written in GPPL-language translates the tool-path into controller-specific G-code output for your particular CNC-machine model. THE STRAIGHT WAY FROM CAM TO MANUFACTURE The generated G-code can be sent straight to the CNCmachine without any need for manual editing. Mitsubishi / Fanuc G-Code Output O0010(L32-1M12) $1 (PROGRAMM-NR.: DCL32-L32-1M12) (DATE: 9-MAY-2019) G50 Z[#141-#142] M52 M6 M9 M346 G0 X[#814+#815] Z-0.05 M51 G600 !2L110 (JOB-NR.2) (MS-FACE) T0202 Z-0.0867 (OD TURNING) G18 G50 S1500 G96 M3 S300 M97 G0 G99 X1.436 Z-0.0867 Z0 G1 X-0.0315 F0.003 Z-0.08 G0 X1.4359 G97 M96 (JOB-NR.3) (MS-OD) G50 S4000 %_N_TR_PROFIL3_Kanal1_MPF ;$PATH=/_N_WKS_DIR/_N_SOLIDCAM2018_RADNABE_NTX1_WPD N1 CHANDATA(1) ; ---------- KANAL: 1 --------------- ;SOLIDCAM : 99748 PP:Rev.3.6 ;ERSTELLT : 9-MAY-2019 - 19:56:41 ;MASCHINE : NTX 1000 ;WERKSTUECK: SOLIDCAM2018_RADNABE_NTX1000 ; ----------------------------------- N2 WAITM(1,1,2) R10=0 R11=0 R12=298.565 ;G54 X Y Z R20=0 R21=0 R22=603.919 ;G55 X Y Z R29=0 ;G55 $P_UIFR[1]=CTRANS(X,R10,Y,R11,Z,R12,C4,0,C3,0) ;G54 $P_UIFR[2]=CTRANS(X,R20,Y,R21,Z,R22-R29,C4,0,C3,0) ;G55 N3 WORKPIECE(,,,"CYLINDER",192,2.5,-150,-230,110) ;GOTOF ABDA GROUP_BEGIN(0,"1: Programmkopf",0,0) N4 WAITM(2,1,2) N5 TRANS N6 ROT N7 DIAMOF N8 GETD(Z3) N9 GETD(B3) N10 G00 SUPA X330. D0 N11 G00 SUPA Z400. Y0. B1=90. N12 WAITM(3,1,2) N13 NP_B3_VAR(0,870) GROUP_END(0,0) N14 WAITM(4,1,2) N1 WAITM(5,1,2) N1 WAITM(6,1,2) Mazak ISO Output O0001 ( MAZAK_I400S ) (INTEGREX-i - 400 S) (part : MAZAK_I400S) (created : 9-MAY-2019 ) #800=-458.7 (Work-Offset G54 - Z1) #801=0. (Work-Offset G54 - C1) (----------------------------) G21 M901 G92 S2000 R1 G92 S2000 R2 G90 G0 G53 G0 X0. Y0. G90 0 G53 G0 Z0. M108 G90 G53 G0 B0. M 07 G10 L2 P1 X-490. Z#800 C#801 G10 L2 P2 X-490. Z#802 U#803 M902 M312 M302 M1 N1 T001.01 M6 M901 M200 M108 G90 G53 G0 B90. M107 DMG Output STAR SR 38 TYPE-B SLIDING HEAD STOCK MACHINE SolidCAM Advanced Mill-Turn 10

DMG MORI SEIKI NTX 1000 MACHINING CENTER AMAZING TECHNICAL SUPPORT. WORLDWIDE. Online-Support and Ticket-System with Live-Chat The international Post-Processor Team takes care of customizing the G-Code output to the needs and requirements of your machine tool. All SolidCAM support and application engineers have a strong technical background as well as CNC and manufacturing experience. Modern technology and training centers enable us to test, demonstrate and train latest CNC- and CAM technology. SolidCAM employs a large team of very experienced technical staff, supporting resellers and customers in programming parts and customizing Post-Processors all over the world. In our technology centers all our Milling, Turning and Mill-Turn technologies are thoroughly checked and can be demonstrated live on our latest CNC machines. Customers, resellers and participants of our trainings all benefit from this practical experience. Faster from the CAD model to the finished workpiece. We live this motto in technical support and in our technology centers – day after day! 11

© 2020 SolidCAM Ltd. All brand names and trademarks are property of therir respective owners. Errors and technical changes reserved. V01.20 þ My personal goal was to be able to program all CNC machining operations consistently with a single CAM system. The biggest challenge here was to bring the Swiss-type lathes on board. Thanks to the extensive support provided by SolidCAM, that also worked out wonderfully!” Steffen Rudischhauser | Managing Director Rudischhauser Surgical Instruments & Implants Manufacturing GmbH | þ After only two weeks with SolidCAM we had more success than with the previous CAM system after three years. We can now program the most complex workpieces much faster. Creating the tools is much easier and I can already program a part even if the final tool data is not yet completely available. This was not possible in the past." Franz Fuchs | CNC & CAM Programming Hefter Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG | þ What matters to us are the structure and quality of the generated CNC programs that go to the machine, as well as how quickly and easily they can be generated. The service at SolidCAM is unparalleled. The technicians have done a great job with the post-processors for our complex Bumotec machines. And if we ever have a problem, someone from the support team is immediately offering help. These days, that isn’t a given; it’s unique!" Stjepan Matacun | Production Manager Stuckenbrock Medizintechnik GmbH