SolidCAM for Operator Brochure

POWERFUL TOOL FOR YOUR CNC OPERATOR CAM Programmers are technologists that determine the strategy for machining a part on the shop floor. Usually well acquainted with CNC technology and capabilities, a CAM Programmer uses SolidCAM to define the machining process, using a variety of machine operations. At each stage, the Programmer can use the SolidCAM simulation capabilities to check the operations and then produce a G-Code file. CNC Operators get the G-Code file, list of tools, a setup sheet showing the part clamping and locations of work offsets. They then perform a step-by-step dry run at the CNC of the machining operations, to verify that the G-Code prepared by the Programmer is error-free, with no collisions. This then ensures that they can run the machine with a real part without concerns. SolidCAM for Operator LEVEL 1 CAM PROGRAMMERS LEVEL 2 CNC OPERATORS Often the Operator lacks a clear understanding of the machining process, and minor changes may be required in the G-Code, such as changing cutting conditions or offsets of the tools. This forces a return to the Programmer for clarification and minor editing, generally leading to delays in the workflow. SolidCAM for Operator bridges the work of CAM Programmers and CNC machine Operators, and greatly assists to streamline the Machine Shop process. With SolidCAM for Operator, the Programmer and Operator use the same software allowing the Operator to see what the Programmer sees. In many machine shops, there is a complete separation between CAM Programmers and CNC Operators. 2