SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

SolidCAM – Overview 18 Advanced Pocket Recognition SolidCAM AFRM sets the new standards Instead of machining each individual pocket in a separate operation, all pockets, no matter whether they are open, closed, blind or through pockets, are being identified with their corresponding depth and Z-level and machined in one operation Full fixture protection in pocket, pocket recognition and 2D drilling allows you to machine your parts while protecting your fixtures ù All strategies and options of the standard pocket operation are available, combined with variable upper levels and depths recognized from the model faces User controls the choice of the Tool, Technology and Cutting Strategy ù Automatic recognition and machining of fillets on the pocket floor ù Automatic rest material recognition on each pocket ù The perfect tool for multi pocketed parts Chamfering and Deburring SolidCAM automatically recognizes all sharp edges where a chamfer can be applied The user only sets the depth of the chamfer, the cutting diameter of the tool and a safety offset SolidCAM’s chamfer recognition automatically avoids vertical walls and machines as much as possible, while protecting the part from collisions with the shank The option Dynamic Tool Diameter results in less wear and tear of the tool, which is particularly helpful with hard materials Drag & Drop Hole Wizard Process applied to a single hole feature Drag & Drop Hole Wizard Processes applied to the entire part AUTOMATIC FEATURE RECOGNITION & MACHINING