SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

www solidcam com 19 Advanced Drill Recognition SolidCAM automatically identifies all drills on the solid model and generates the necessary CNC operations To select the drills to be machined, powerful filter tools such as diameter, Z-level or drill depth are available Spot drills can be generated on all drill positions, where the depth relates to the diameter of the drill tool being used SolidCAM’s Hole Wizard, with Drag & Drop Machine Processes SolidCAM’s Hole Wizard, with Drag & Drop Machine Processes optimizes the task of programming multiple operation for complex holes All holes in the CAD feature, including subordinate patterns are recognized All Geometry and Dimensional parameters of the CAD Feature are available for use in the machining process Complex logic including conditional equations provides greater flexibility Simple, Counter Sunk, Counter Bored & Tapped hole sets are programmed with a single mouse click Drill features detection & Automatic Tool path generation SolidCAM – The Solid Platform for Manufacturing