SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

SolidCAM – Overview 30 Simultaneous 5X Edge Breaking After machining a CAM part, a burr can sometimes be found that have straight edges or non-tangent outer surface topologies This occurs when the tool chips the metal off the edge, potentially comprimising the functionality of the part, endangering the user due to its razor-sharp nature Removing it is the best option SolidCAM's Edge Breaking operation creates a deburring toolpath on the outer edges of a part geometry The position of the tool relative to the edge is always the bi-vector between the two surfaces of that edge ù Enables creation of a fully automatic toolpath by just selecting the part geometry ù Additional features include Automatic Feature Detection, Linking, Lead-In and Collision avoidance ù Ball mill cutters and quality geometry input (mesh) are required for the detection feature to work properly Simultaneous 5X Edge Trimming SolidCAM's Edge Trimming operation efficiently machines parts that require edge trimming to get their final shape This operation uses a highly automated algorithm to create a toolpath to trim the edge thin materials ù Designed for the edge trimming of thin materials ù Position of the tool relative to the geometry can be defined by various options from only a 3-axis output to a more complex 5-axis output with different tool axis orientation options ù Axial shift enables the tool to be engaged with a certain value into the material ù Edge trimming can be automated or user defined, and offers a variety of corner handling functions to create a seamless toolpath SIMULTANEOUS 5-AXIS MILLING