SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

www solidcam com 31 2 3 1 Drag & Drop Templates One of the most intuitive and fastest ways of programming a part is to use SolidCAM´s Drag & Drop templates These are ready-made templates that you can drag directly onto surfaces and holes The templates can be created by the user directly from existing jobs and can be flexibly adapted at any time in a clearly structured database Drag & Drop is available in a wide span of SolidCAM´s operations including 2,5D, iMachining, HSS, HSM etc Grab operation template from template directory Drag the template to the face to be machined A new Operation is added to the CAM Manager operation tree and the toolpath will be calculated The new "Drag to Surface" function will create operations for all holes with the same coordinate system alignments. DRAG & DROP AUTOMATION