SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

www solidcam com 35 B C D Updated Stock SolidCAM has the ability to keep the stock updated live within the operations tree Updated stock is supported from the most basic 2-Axis Turning Center, right through to a CYB Multi-turret, Sub-spindle Mill-Turn CNC-Machine On a Sub-spindle Turning Center, when a component is transferred from the main to the sub-spindle, the Updated stock model is transferred with it Any subsequent machining on the sub-spindle will detect the stock in the state that it left the main spindle, ultimately providing the most efficient machining sequence possible ù Balanced Roughing: two turning tools working simultaneously, or in trailing mode, to perform roughing turning of long and large parts ù Angled Grooving: performs internal or external inclined grooves, at any defined angle ù Manual Turning: performs turning according to userdefined geometry, regardless of stock and target ù A new Trochoidal toolpath of round grooving tools for increased efficiency [B] ù 4th Axis Simultaneous Turning: performs machining of curved profile using the B-axis tilting capabilities of the tool, in order to machine undercut areas in a single machining step [C] ù Drive Unit Sharing: two tools working simultaneously while single Drive Unit (spindle) rotates with the same RPM's and direction [D] Advanced Turning Capabilities SolidCAM – The Solid Platform for Manufacturing