SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

SolidCAM – Overview 36 Complete Solution for Advanced Multi-Turret/Spindle MillTurn and Swiss-Type Machines Modern Multi-Axis machining centers are designed to combine as many milling and turning operations as possible to manufacture workpieces at maximum productivity Manual CNC programming of sophisticated parts on complex machines, directly at the machine controller is – if at all humanly possible – unproductive, error-prone and expensive TURNING OPERATIONS MILLING OPERATIONS Manual Face Grooving Drilling Turning Threading Angled Grooving Balanced Roughing Trochoidal Turning 2D iMachining Face Pocket Drill Profile Contour 3D Slot / T-Slot Threading Multi-Depth Drilling Translated Surface 3D iMachining HSR / HSM / HSS Engraving Sim 5X Blade Machining Screw Machining Rotary Machining Multiaxis Drilling .. and many more! HAAS ST-30Y MACHINING CENTER MILL-TURN | SWISS-TYPE