SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

SolidCAM – Overview 46 TMS Tool Management Solutions from E ZOLLER GmbH & Co KG www zoller info TDM from tdm systems www tdmsystems com Wintool from Wintool AG www wintool com www emuge-franken-group com www kennametal com Tool data management has been a challenge for midsize and large enterprises for decades The digitalization of our machining world is progressing rapidly and SolidCAM is moving fast to ensure our customers benefit the most from the advancing digitalization With the new Tool Catalogue, SolidCAM provides advanced interfaces to 3rd Party Tool Management Softwares Any interface to specific Tool Management Systems can be accessed directly from within SolidCAM’s Tool Table, enabling the import and immediate use of complete tools for machining SolidCAM provides interfaces to the following external Tool Management Systems: The Tool data may include parametric and 3D / 2D data for holder and tools, recommended feeds, spins and machining parameters for milling and turning tools Stay Connected with the Machining Digital World Inovatools Eckerle & Ertel GmbH – Tool manufacturer: wwwinovatoolseu The following 3rd Party products have already developed their Interface to SolidCAM: Coming soon! It depends on the functionality of the 3rd Party Interface how tools can be managed and selected to be imported directly to the SolidCAM Tool Table 3RD PARTY INTERFACES