SolidCAM – Brochure Overview

www solidcam com 47 www ncsimul com/ncsimul-machine CIMCO Edit Professional www cimco com Interfaces to 3rd Party G-Code Verification and Robotics NC-Code Verification Third party G-Code verification provides an extra level of validation for SolidCAM's NC-code output It can detect collisions and takes into account tolerances between all machine components such as axis slides, heads, rotary tables, spindles, tool changers, devices, workpieces, tools as well as other defined objects to validate the NC-code generated by SolidCAM It reduces the probability of errors and the need for single-step testingon the CNC-machine SolidCAM has interfaces to various 3rd party NC-program verificators Robotics With its interface to 3rd party robotic solutions, the calculated toolpath by SolidCAM is transferred together with the CAD data to the robotic application that converts it to kinematic robot moves and simulates the robotic operations The CAD 3D data includes the design, stock, and fixtures models All data is exported in the format of the specific robotic solution The toolpath generated in SolidCAM is provided in a neutral format – the robotic software uses this information to generate robot specific G-code to control the industrial robot Vericut from CGtech www cgtech com NCView from Cimple Technology Inc www cimple co jp/e/ncview/ SolidCAM – The Solid Platform for Manufacturing